Provocative, Sexy and Controversial – It must be The LoLo Show

When the podcast thing first became popular I wasn’t a fan. Then one day I listened to a comedy station (don’t remember which one) and thought, “Hmmm, I could get down with this.” So I started my first podcast. It was fun but without any help editing it and uploading, it was gonna be a hassle so I just scraped it. I joined up with a couple buddies and started ‘Derelict Rhetoric.’ Again, a failed attempt. Of course, recently I joined The Sazon and Neckbones Show after the original co-host Henry Cummings (aka Neckbones aka my comedy partner) moved to Texas.

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One day, prior to joining S&N, I was messaged by Lois Burak to come out to PA and rock her show. I had never listened to her show before, but I figured what the hell. A week or so earlier I was performing out near Lois’ neck of the woods and her and her BF came out to check me out. I had a great set and I met Lois. She had an incredible spirit and I was definitely inspired by her hustle. I couldn’t wait for the show.

I have to say when I got to The LoLo Show I was a little jealous, lol. It’s a beautiful studio with all the bells and whistles! They even had a full layout of fruit, snacks, sodas and desserts – my kind of setup. Once I saw the spread I thought to myself, “Oh I ain’t jealous no more…I ain’t buying ish for my guests.” The show was well organized and professional with breaks, pre-made questions for the guests, refreshments, a smoking hot host and a crazy as co-host, Joe Delong.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I’m actually rocking that mic again March 15th – so TUNE IN!!


The LoLo Show is ‘The First Modern Family of Talk Radio’

The hosts, Joe DeLong, a conservative gay comedian and Lois Burak, the daughter of controversial 1960’s liberal talk radio personality Marvin Burak whom was shot and killed by her mother, a burlesque dancer.

Integrating Lois’ family legacy of radio broadcasting with her diverse co-hosts as well as a weekly guest comedian, The LoLo Show has been gaining recognition and enjoyed runs on terrestrial radio’s 920AM The Voice and Sirius/XM satellite radio.

Each show explores taboo topics while using humor to draw listeners in to fiery discussions which include but are not limited to sexuality, race, feminine issues, and stereotyping. The on air chemistry is apparent and the laughter is contagious. The LoLo Show is a funny, provocative and diverse labor of love and tribute to Lois’ father’s quest for free speech and entertainment.

In 2011, The LoLo Show was born.

From a small studio in Philly The LoLo Show began building a dedicated fan base. Eventually the show aired for a period of time on Sirius/XM’s The Playboy Spice Channel until it moved to terrestrial radio station 920 The Voice. In it’s later incarnation, Burak and DeLong were joined by well known comedian & radio personality Michael Shawn. Life got in the way and The LoLo Show took a hiatus. However, the time was right for a comeback.

Isn’t it time we have a strong female voice on the air during this time in history? Lois’ father spent his career fighting for civil rights and it’s a struggle we still face today for women and the LGBT community.

The LoLo Show offers two hosts with perspectives not being heard in combination on talk radio.


Ringmaster at The LoLo Show and Voice Over Talent/Make Up Artist at Media Active Inc.

In September 2011 Lois Burak launched The LoLo Show a talk radio show designed to entertain while breaking down stereotypes of gender and sexuality. Burak, the daughter of controversial radio pioneer Marvin Burak, saw the show as an opportunity to add the voice of a strong, street smart and funny woman into an arena dominated by men. Lois was raised in the Philadelphia suburbs by her mother, a former burlesque dancer from New Orleans, and her father, a passionate left leaning talk radio host. In her conservative neighborhood her father invited Black Panthers interviews with Malcom X & open Socialist views. into their home and was very vocal about his liberal politics. Lois was called ‘N*&%@# Lover’ and ‘Commie’ and their home was fire bombed. These experiences helped shaped Lois’s worldview and explain her compassion for all people. However nothing affected her more then the night her mother, in the midst of a domestic quarrel, shot and killed Lois’s father and shot Lois too. Lois survived but pushed forward and became independent at a young age. At the age of 15 she found job to support herself and eventually opened her own business and ran it for 25 years before she felt the calling to follow in her father’s footsteps pursue a career in radio. She graduated from broadcasting school and began a friendship with Al Rosenberg, a writer for Howard Stern’s radio show. Rosenberg, fascinated by Lois’s life story, encouraged and supported her dream of hosting a radio show. After the Sirius/XM Channel Howard 101 opened up opportunities for new shows Lois met with Tim Sabean, VP of Programming for the Howard Stern Channel on Sirius/XM. Sabean said Lois had ‘the eye of the tiger’ and continued offering his support during The LoLo Show’s creation.

Joining Lois on the show was conservative leaning gay comedian and writer Joe DeLong and Doc Ivan a graphic artist for the Stern Show.

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