Comics That Give A Damn


Raising money is never easy, or fun for that matter. It’s tedious work that involves a lot of effort, often for little reward. But, it doesn’t have to be! Fund raising can be fun, not only for you, but for your contributors. Often fundraising events are costly in both time and effort, and when the dust settles there may not be much left for your cause. But ‘Comics Who Give a Damn’ want to change that.

Kevin Israel and Jerrold Benford have over three decades in combined comedy experience. During those thirty years, the two comedy veterans have played for almost every major charity and nonprofit group. From cancer benefits, to domestic violence groups, to law enforcement charities, Kevin and Jerrold have played them all.

The duo is now taking their years of experience and comedic understanding and offering it to help you make a great event that will not only be profitable, it will be fun! Comedy shows are a great way to raise money and create a memorable experience for your donors and contributors. They are easy on the wallet and can be planned without too much trouble if you know what youre doing.

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We would love to sit down with you and discuss your organizations needs and fundraising experience. We can then help you plan an awesome event that people will WANT to attend and they will keeping coming back year in and year out.

We will work with you to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the shows go off without a hitch. Simple things like lighting, table placement, and sound system quality all can greatly impact the success of a show. Dont let a little thing keep your show from being a HUGE success.

Let us do the hard work for you and let us help you make your fundraisers become an annual tradition that grow in attendance and success year after year. Believe it or not, comics do give a damn!

We hope to hear from you soon!