Jerrold Benford

“From bathrooms to laundry mats, I’ve performed everywhere.”

Jerrold Benford is currently establishing himself as a fixture on the eastern comedy circuit.  Born and raised in Virginia, Jerrold began his career in New Jersey, where he quickly made a name for himself and performed at the New Jersey and New York’s finest clubs including:  Rascals, Broadway Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, Gotham Comedy Club, and the renowned Caroline’s on Broadway. Jerrold continues to perfect his craft. Within two years of his stand-up debut, he was featuring and headlining clubs, colleges, and private functions all over the tri-state area.

“My first actual comedy club headline opportunity came from Catch A Rising Star in Princeton, NJ. They continually bring me back to close the show.”

His distinctive perspective on dating and marriage topics combines with a high energy, friendly delivery to create wickedly clever content and a wildly funny act.  His eye for absurdities in everyday life and his quirky, unique writing style leaves crowds in stitches.

“I consider myself a damn fool that loves to make people laugh – in other words I’m Funny For No Damn Reason.”

He has been described by audience members as “hilarious” and “funny as hell”, while bookers have labeled Jerrold as a definite “rising star”.  Intelligent and silly, Jerrold’s act has become a hit all up and down the east coast, entertaining crowds young and old of different backgrounds and tastes.

Corporate Gigs and Private Events

When planning your next corporate event, look no further than Jerrold Benford to entertain your whole organization.  Jerrold has performed at many corporate functions and understands the inner workings and dynamics of this type of workplace.  He brings a light-hearted approach to life’s everyday problems and delivers a high-energy set to overworked and well-deserving staff.  Nothing like a little comedy to break up the monotony, right?  Just kidding.  Jerrold will entertain the employees with clean, diverse comedic stylings guaranteed to be memorable and enjoyable.Jerrold has performed in small, as well as, large corporate settings and can adapt his comedic stylings to accommodate each company’s individual needs.  In addition to being a comedian, Jerrold can also be your choice as a motivational speaker for your next corporate event; whether the theme of the event needs to be comedically inspiring or completely serious.


Are you planning some sort of event that requires entertainment?  A birthday party? A bar mitzvah? A club or party event?  Let Jerrold be your choice of entertainment.  What ever type of party or other private event your planning, give it that extra special touch and leave your guests with an unforgettable experience.  Jerrold is just the comedian you need. Jerrold has been the chosen comic for many private party events.  He has performed at the opening of restaurants, night clubs, yacht parties, school events, fundraisers, benefits, and even house parties.  Though the events may differ, the purpose is the same, put your guests in a great mood and make your event the best it can be.  Jerrold is choice for a top-notch private party comedian.



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